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My random opinions and editorial type things end up here, really. Remember. Just because it's my opinion, does not make me right or it right! But I am allowed to have them!
My takes on Emulation - August 5 2022 - by: Rocky Raccoon

Emulation. Let's talk about it. Good? Bad? Ethical? Unethical? Well this is my opinion. Emulation is important. It allows us to preserve games for the future. Some of the media games are on, such as discs, are threatening to deteriorate after time. That's first and foremost before you answer any other questions about it.

Is it good? Well yes. I believe so. As stated, it's the best way to preserve video games. It's also a good way to introduce people to retrogaming without the need for expensive original hardware. There's also ethical ways to emulate games- such as the NES games and SNES games offered with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription- without resorting to computer emulators and downloading roms.

Is it Ethical? Well it depends. As stated, many companies are starting to offer back catalog games or arcade games for sale or access. This would be ethical and paying the company for it's work. Of course, downloading roms from the internet to play on an emulator would be less so. Even older games may still be copyrighted by existing companies, while some games may no longer have a copyright holder.

Games without a copyright holder are generally considered 'abandoned' by many folks and 'okay' to emulate compared to say, games owned by say a company such as SEGA.

In the end, my original, stated opinion still stands. Emulation is important to the preservation of games.

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SomeOrdinaryGamer's Take on Emulation - July 19 2021 - by: Rocky Raccoon

Agree or not, I like his take.

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I Talk About Emulation! - Retrocade Romp Talk #1 - August 29 2020 - by: Rocky Raccoon

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My Thoughts on the Evercade - June 30 2020 - by: Rocky Raccoon

 As I have not played or own an Evercade, yet, this is not a review, but rather my opinion on this device. For those who don't know, the Evercade is a handheld retro-gaming system by a company that appears to be called Evercade. It's website can be located here: It uses cartridges like the systems of old. Many carts contain classic games, and also new games by new publishers. 
I'm not sure I like the Evercade thus far, based on things I've read and seen on YouTube about it and the current many reviews. In terms of games present on the device the only thing that interests me are the ''new'' games. Little Medusa is on there... some Mega Cat Studio games... stuff like that.
Many of the other games exist on other handhelds already, or similar units. And the games that are present seem to be the NES/Famicom versions of the games- as one excepts now on units like this-- and we all know Technos doesn't seem to be shy about spreading it's catalog to anyone willing to just pay the licensing fee. There's even an Atari Collection, but most of these games can be played on the Atari Flashback Portal and THAT has an SD Card slot for other games!
What would make this an buy for me, would be an everdrive like cart, or an SD card slot/cart. However, Evercade has already expressed that due to their close licensing partnership with the companies they're working with- that such a thing would not be possible. 
Anyways. I'm on the fence. It might be neat to have this for the new games. But I also don't want to pay nearly 100 dollars for the pleasure of owning Data East's catalog for the third time. Maybe I'll wait to see if any new cartridges are coming out first to see how long it'll last before I make the jump...

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Cleaning Up Your Collection! - March 17 2020 - by: Rocky Raccoon

Recently, I went through the containers I keep my collection accessible in and did a bit of clean up. Basically, if I hadn't used it in a few good months I put it into a big box. If I use it regularly or intend to, I put back into my accessible containers-- these 'three part' plastic drawer sets I'd gotten at Wal-Mart . I put the box in the closet, so I could still access it if I needed to, and cleared out some space in my accessible boxes.
Basically. I feel better about my collection and freed up a little more space for at least another console or two if I wanted. Basically, this article is more or less about 'hey, do some collection cleaning'. Whether that's storing some rarely used games/consoles into a box to make room for more things-- or selling them or trading them for other things you might enjoy more than just take up space.
Well. Some people may take a 'I want EVERYTHING' approach to collection. I'm like that sometimes. But it also eventually bloats my collection with some things I do not want, and then I need to do what I did. I'm probably gonna be more careful about what I add to my collection from now on. Room is finite in my area of the house, after all! 
So yeah, keep your collection clean and neat!

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Everdrives & Flashcarts, an Editorial. - March 11 2020 - by: Rocky Raccoon

This is an editorial piece of sorts about Everdrives-- or to use a more generic term 'Flash carts' for game consoles. This is my opinion. It does not necessarily mean it is right or wrong. With that disclaimer out of the way. I will just be using the term Everdrives and EDs to refer to any device meant to play rom or iso files on a console-- that is- 'A flash cart'.
Everdrives are valuable tools for the retrogamer. It provides a cost effective way to experience rare games that you might not otherwise get to experience on the real hardware. Or play translated patched roms of Japanese import games on the real hardware. For those who are lucky enough to own such rare games, it gives you a way to play that rare game without taking it out of it's box or risk damaging it by playing a copy of it. It also lets you keep your collection in storage and just choose from a list of games on an SD card or Flash Memory. 
Of course, there's the downside that people can see these as merely promoting retrogame piracy and I agree with that to a point. Why buy that NES cart of Super Mario Bros 3. at the flea market when you can just put it's rom file you downloaded off the internet for free on your Everdrive N8 and play it then.
I believe that EDs are always gonna be this gray area with their upsides and downsides- but I also believe that the upsides outweigh the downsides, and it's why I'm probably still going to buy them for the consoles I own and enjoy.

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