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About Me!

My online alias is 'Rocky Raccoon'. I was born in Eastern Massachusetts, in 1983. My first brush with 'retro gaming' was in the 90's, when I was old enough to play my dad's Commodore 128- which would had not been as 'retro' at the time, but I am talking in the future tense here. At some point, my older brother also got an NES, and that furthered my interest in video games of the era.

I did not own my own systems though. Those went to my older brother, or my father's computers. It wasn't until later, when a friend got me back intrested in systems from that era- and earlier, that I started collecting. By 2006, I had a pretty sizeable collection, and ran an earlier version of this website: Sadly. At around that same time, my father fell ill and passed away. I had to leave everything behind moving on with my life.

It wasn't until Late 2017-Early 2018 that I was able to resume collecting, and remake my website here. So far, it's been a good start, and hope to get my collection close to where it was in the past! :-)

-Rocky Raccoon


Why 'A Retrocade Romp' for the Title?

It used to be that I called this website 'A Raccoon's Retrocade Romp!'. The first thing most people think, when they see my online name is: 'That guy must be a furry!'. And.... not really. See, there was a raccoon that used to nest in our (dysfunctional) chimney when I was a kid and my dad named it Rocky Raccoon, after the Beatles song. I kinda used that for my online persona and that's about it. So the best I could say there is, unintentional furry.

When I made my website back in 2005, 'A Raccoon's Retrocade Romp!' seemed like a silly apt name so I choose that in-line with my online persona. It stuck. So I named the new website that too.

In 2020, I decided just to name it 'A Retrocade Romp!'. The name's shorter, and sounds snappier to me!


Below, is where I put links and things that don't belong in the other sections.


My Soundcloud Profile

Soundcloud Link - I do some remixes of stuff!

My Old Original Website, Circa 2005

Click Here For The Old Coon Cade Romp Website! - Circa 2005/2006. Kept here for Archival Purposes Only!

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