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Hey there! My name is RockyRaccoon, also known as 'LemonAid' online. I'm a retrogame player and collector. This website is dedicated to my love of retrogaming and retrogame adjacent items. Here you'll find my musings, opinions and reviews, as well as some miscellaneous items I felt like posting. Thanks for visiting!

The GOAT Store - Store Review - December 17 2021 - by: Rocky Raccoon

I'm going to start to review places I buy video games. This might include real, brick and mortar locations, websites and usernames on services like E-bay. So this will be the first of those reviews, in which I review the most recent place I've bought games from, The GOAT Store.

The GOAT Store, or, 'Games Of All Types' Store, is a web-store located online at They carry lots of types of retro video games, not specializing in any particular type. Atari, Master System, Invellivision, Nintendo NES and SNES... lots.

I've had quite a few orders with this store and most have gone well. Orders usually go out within a week of ordering, and everything arrives in the stated condition. During purchase you can buy/pick certain condition carts for various stated prices--- with 'bad label, card only' tending to be the cheapest option. I like stores with this option, as it lets you pick a cheaper version of a game if you don't care about label condition, or tiny cosmetic problems in a cartridge when you just want the game.

I consider their prices fair. They know what certain games are worth, and their prices are never 'Ebay bad'. If I'm looking for a fair price on a game, this is the first website I check out!

I have gotten slightly dirty carts that have needed cleaning before, but that's a minor gripe. They say everything is tested before it's sold, and I had bought the carts in the lowest grade condition available, for the record. I have never had a dead cartridge or disc from The GOAT store.

My communication with The GOAT Store has always been quick and kind, and have always solved my problem.

Overall, I would suggest The GOAT store. Fair prices. A little variety. Great people. I would give them a 9 out of 10 Billy Goats.

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