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Hey there! My name is RockyRaccoon, also known as 'LemonAid' online. I'm a retrogame player and collector. This website is dedicated to my love of retrogaming and retrogame adjacent items. Here you'll find my musings, opinions and reviews, as well as some miscellaneous items I felt like posting. Thanks for visiting!

New Host & Other Updates! - November 11 2020 - by: Rocky Raccoon

Just letting you folks know that I have moved webhosts. So I apologize for any website downness that happened or can happen in the near future due to DNS propogation and just general trouble getting things setup! Any problems? Please comment with the link below this post! Finally designed a background I kinda like. Simple. Uses the same color, but adds some interesting little retro related panache to the website! The Technical Docs. page has gotten updated with the most recent FAQs I could find, and added some more systems aswell! I will look for more to add later. Any suggestions? Lemme know in the comments!

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